wholesale Swarovski Prism Crystal

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Prisms

Cosmic Creations offers both the Strass and Spectra lines of Swarovski crystal prisms for use as chandelier crystal, feng shui crystals, chakra crystals and giftware hanging crystals ideal as a timeless gift for weddings or special occasions. For over 25 years, we have been one of a select few North American distributors of Swarovski crystal, shipping to Canada, the USA and worldwide.


50% OFF regular wholesale price. Must take ALL, plus stock in opened boxes at half price $5,000
Total $17,700 plus $5,000 is $22,700 includes customer list and website.

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Discounts: Octagons 14 mm color and color AB
Sale at 40% off each price!
Call for which colors this applies to!-->Octagons

  Swarovski crystal ballBall 20 mm Colors: SALE Phone for best price

- All the Chakra colors in 20, 30 & 40 mm Swarovski balls #8558

crystal Swarovski OctagonSwarovski Octagon
20 mm to 60 mm with colors in 14 mm.

PINK STARS Swarovski Star

Cascade of pink stars falling: #8815 with logo
pink stars falling

Sale on Swarovski 8817 Shells & 8818 Starfish

starfish by Swarovski

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Catalog with diagrams of shapes

What's new!
Two holed octagons for crystal chains

Long, dark and dangly: Icicle in Jet- 40 mm and 50 mm -->8611

Swarovski Briolette
Briolette Prices
Swarovski Briolette Pendant
bicone Swarovski 5308
New Bicone #5308

Click here to see what sizes and colors are in stock. In stock items there is no minimum, however special order beads must be ordered by the packet.

Color Chart

Swarovski Chandelier crystal
Swarovski Chandelier crystals
New exotic colors!
Now selling 5 arm crystal sets


Wholesale Feng Shui faceted Swarovski Strass crystal ball 70 mm
Swarovski crystals
Logo etched in Swarovski box

crystal chains Swarovski 8024
Crystal Chain
on Sale!

We are now pleased to offer the new "Dark Sapphire" color in selected styles as well as "Golden Teak" octagons.

Swarovski Bordeaux Red Valentine Heart
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Aurora Color Swarovski
balls- new and exotic!

Colors in #8901, 8721, and Almond 8745
Colors in Swing Leaf
8051 and Jet Black in 8115, 8116, 8611 & 8550
Exclusive Swarovski Strass items!

Red Hat Crystals Gifts

Limited Edition by Swarovski

Bordeaux Red Heart in 28 mm & 40 mm

Pink Teardrop 63mm
Green & Topaz Snowflake

Blue, Pink, Green, Topaz Marquise
and Aurora colors Marquise

Swarovski Polygon Drop
Polygon Drop

Crystal Ladder
Sun catchers

wholesale crytal by SwarovskiNow IN STOCK-
Two Hole Octagons and clips
to make crystal chains of any length
Single hole Feng Shui Octagons!

The color of money! GREEN
crystal Hearts, Feng Shui Balls and Icicles!
New: Green Leaf and green Fancy Star

Double holed
Feng Shui Balls

Assemble your own

prism suncatcher
crystal chain

Swarovski crystal chains in eleven colors as well as Jet Black, Clear and Aurora crystal



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Celtic Jewelry

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Shaman Talismans

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Four pendant styles, made from imitation bone, mixing woman and animal to evoke mysticism.

Crystal Balls

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