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Our Requirements

lead crystal ball
Cosmic World Ball made of highest quality man-made lead crystal

Cosmic Creations Corp.

Limited time SALE
<--ON SALE Cosmic World Ball
Size 60 mm - US$15.00 or $12 each in sets of 10 plus post (these go by weight)
Limited time SALE: Size 80 mm US$20.00
or $18 in sets of 10 pc. plus post by weight

round ball made of crystal

World ball etched with continents
Cosmic World Ball
Decorate with napkin ring as stand or holder

Crystal Chakra and Wizard Balls

Our man made crystal balls are the finest lead crystal produced. The sizes range from 50mm (two inch diameter) to the 100 mm (four inch diameter)

* Colors: In stock, no minimum- COBALT BLUE 50 mm 5.00

Other colors available, 10 pc each color min: Amethyst (Alexandrite), Emerald, Amber (Topaz), Rose-Pink

** Ruby Red: The red balls are slightly more expensive because the color is created with the use of gold
*** AURORA is a rainbow coating: moonlight frosted, Black (Onyx)
, and all other colors with AB coating

Photo Description Size US $ CDN$
chakra balls
Above: 50 mm Chakra Ball
Round Chakra Ball- Cobalt only 50 mm = 5 cm = 2" $ 5.00 SALE
Round Chakra Ball -* Colors- special order 50 mm = 5 cm = 2"
special orders only- min $500 and 10 pc per color  

wizard ball
Above cobalt 80 mm
In stock 50 mm $5.00 see emerald ball for 50 mm size.

Round Chakra Ball - Sky Blue- in stock
80mm = 8 cm = 3¼" US$ 40.00
blue only
Round Chakra Ball - Clear Crystal
80mm = 8 cm = 3¼" SALE

Round Chakra Ball - Sky Blue

100 mm = 10 cm = 4" $90.00  

<--ON SALE: Cosmic World Ball
Round ball with latitude, longitude and continents
etched in this high quality man made lead crystal ball

Give the person you love "The World"!
Limited time offer:
discount on sets of ten
on both 60 or 80 mm sizes:
see above for prices!

Flourite ball

Fluorite natural rock crystal ball 100 mm
click for prices & photos
priced from
$75- $200




calcite ball

Calcite Natural Rock Crystal Ball 100 mm
approx four inches in diameter
Read about Calcite and the Chakras

Individually priced according to quality

100 - 110 mm
4 inch

Limited time SALE !
click for prices

Flat Faceted Geo-Ball with Peacock colors
click on the link for prices

--> see more paperweights!
and Swarovski Crystal

crystal church <-- In stock crystal Church  






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