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bicones in stock new #5328 each  
4mm clear 10 cents  
In stock items have no minimum -
you can order one or a thousand, same price.
Discounts apply to special order of full packets.
aurora, Golden Shadow 10 cents  
vitrail 12 cents  
click here for color chart color: blue zircon
color: Indicolite
10 cents  
bicones in stock new #5328 each  
6mm clear 15 cents  
  aurora 20 cents  
  color: Tanzanite 20 cents  
click here for color chart color: olivine
color: Indicolite
20 cents  

bicones in stock new #5328 each  
10 mm clear 15 cents  
  aurora 20 cents  
  color: Amethyst 20 cents  
click here for color chart color: Sapphire
color: Topa
20 cents  

All other colors and sizes are special order by packet only:

Must pre-pay and could be 30 to 60 days. Prices fluctuate due to currency, min 10 packets per order in any size any color. Colors are per packet.
4 mm 1,440 pc/pcaket (approx price $90 per pack for colors based on exch. rate of Nov 2, 2009, call for the day's rate)
6 mm 360 pc/packet
10 mm 144 pc/packet - 10 mm is largest size made by Swarovski


Examples of a bouquet you can make for the Bride and Bridesmaids
bridal bouquet
This bridal bouquet uses twisted gold tone wire and pearls (sold separate at craft stores) and a combination of 8 and 10 mm round beads
They are available in clear or Aurora as well as selected colors.

bead bouquet
Aurora beads on twisted silver flat wire- mix of 8 & 6 mm

wedding crystal flowers

Jazz up the bouquet with some silk flowers (sold at your local craft or Dollar Store).

Mix of 10 mm and 6 mm Round Bead on gold twisted wire, sold on spools at your local Dollar Store

colored bridal crystals

bead bouquets

Aurora 10 mm beads on gold wire- order your beads by the tray for more savings!

Also available are colored beads for the brides maids!


Any other Swarovski styles not listed, YES we can get them for you!

Special Order Delivery could be up to 60 days, so PLAN AHEAD!
Box quantity only - but exceptional discounts for bulk
Phone Toll free 11am -4 pm PACIFIC TIME
1 877 642-6745

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