Color Chart for Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

This color chart is for a rough guide only for the Swarovski crystals. Due to your monitor color calibration, it may not display the actual colors. Also, if you look at a crystal in sunlight, halogen light or other type of light bulb, it can take on minor color differences.

Thus, if you have to match a color exactly, ask for samples.


Rainbow crystal chain -->
item # 8116/ 14 mm

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Swarovski Crystals Color Chart
Swarovski  color chart of crystals
Transmission of colors with light bulb
Item # 8550 and 8558 ball in 30 mm size
see below for colors in daylight
Swarovski Light Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Swarovski Blue Violet
Blue Violet (Purple-Indigo)
Swarovski Violet
(Amethyst- Mauve)

Swarovski Rosalin Pink
Rosalin Pink
Swarovski  Emerald Green
Emerald Green
Swarovski  Antique Green
Antique Green (Teal)
Swarovski  Peridot Green
Peridot Green
Swarovski  (Light) Topaz
Light Topaz
Swarovski Dark Topaz
Dark Topaz
Swarovski  Bordeaux Red
Bordeaux Red

Swarovski feng shui balls in colors
Daylight colors (except violet-amethyst and emerald green)

Swarovski Aurora thin film interfence color
8721 Teardrop
Top row: Amethyst, Antique Green, Peridot, Saphire, Pink Clear, Red
Bottom: AB Amethyst, AB Antique Green, AB Peridot, AB Saphire, AB Pink, AB clear, Blue Violet
Note how the AB which is AURORA finish changes the reflected colors!

colored Swarovski starfish
Colored Starfish: Peridot, Aqua, Amethyst