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Swarovski COLORED Hanging Crystal Prisms
Original Swarovski STRASS crystal (32% Lead optical quality)

Swarovski crystal starfish in colors
Colored Starfish: Peridot, Aqua, Amethyst

We are pleased to offer NEW items
8558/20 mm Feng Shui Ball
8611/40 mm Icicle
Octagons in one and two hole 14 mm

Now in stock!

Fancy Star
Strass Logo


38 mm
Peridot Green
Amethyst and Purple-BlueViolet
Ant. Green
Color AB

50 mm
Blue, Peridot
& Pink

Swarovski crystal prism for chandelier
Strass Logo
63 mm PINK

and new

Colors and Color AB

Swarovski crystal color chart

Color Chart

Red - "Bordeaux Red", rich and deep

Dark Topaz - vibrant amber color

Light Topaz - light golden color

Peridot Green - a Granny Smith Apple green

Emerald Green - deep green

Teal Green - "Antique Green" with a touch of teal

Pink - "Rosalin Pink", light and delicate

Violet -Amethyst: pale mauve- lavender

Blue Violet - a deep purple

Saphire Blue - light baby-boy blue

Dark Sapphire- Dark Blue

Jet - Black like onyx


Jet - onyx black
balls come in all 11 colors - Click for sizes and prices of the balls


11 colors in one hole or two hole octagons

14 mm Feng Shui Octagons with one or two holes

These prisms make a very nice accent to the hanging crystals and add a decorator touch to OEM Chandelier manufacture.

Shown at left as earrings or necklace
Add some color!
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clip: 25 cents each extra
Click here for clips

colored Swarovski faceted balls

Photo may not be color correct due to monitor tones - purchase samples if you want to match color exactly.

Blue teardrop #8721 in 38 mm size with small
"Bow Tie" clip

Teardrop now available in colors and color-Aurora!

crystals sold separate-
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Add the Octagon for color!
Clips extra


Peacock colored ball

# 8550/20mm & 40 mm
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Red Feng Shui Ball 8550
in 20 & 30 & 40 mm sizes with small
"Bow Tie" clip

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Add the Octagon for extra sparkle!
Clips extra

Light Topaz or Dark Topaz Feng Shui Ball
20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm
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Blue Feng Shui Ball
20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm

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Pink Feng Shui Ball

20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm

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#8721 in 38 mm size


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A Cosmic Exclusive!
<-- Swarovski Saphire Blue
Almon Marquise

Available in Saphire Blue and Aurora Saphire Blue
8745 / 38 mm
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Limited Quantities
Aurora Blue & Aurora Pink

crystal penegram
Click here for SPECIALTY
crystal - Pentegrams, Sunface,
moonface, etc

"Once in a Blue Moon!"
Blue 8816 in 30 mm size

Also available in Lt Topaz, Dk Topaz, Ant.Green, Pink Aurora and Clear as well as Aurora Colors!
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Catalog - Toll free 1 877 642-6745 PACIFIC TIME

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