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Need to find a Swarovski shape? Then search by Shape below, or by Number or by items that have Two Holes or Multiple Holes for making crystal chains

Shape Exact Shape Style Number  
Round Ball #8558 or 8551 or 8550S  
  Wavelett 0041  
  Energy Gate 0031  
Octagon Eight Sides 8115  
Oval Matrix 0021  
Elongated Teardrop 8721, 8731, 8741  
  Marquise 8745  
  Paisley 8031  
  Drop 8641  
Icicle Pointed 8611, 8601, 3011, 8621, 8290 Point End  
  Bulb end 3021, 8290 Ball End  
  Flat end Flute 8671  
Triangle Equalateral Triangle 8831, 8833  
  Elongated Triangle 8661  
  3-d Triangle- Flame 2011  
Wedge Wing 4011  
Leaf Swing Leaf 8051, 8052  
  Fluted Leaf 8805  
  Smooth Lear 8806  
Heart   6202 or 8781  
Moon   or 8816  
Star   or 8815  
Shell   or 8817  
Starfish   or 8818  

Other shapes are very hard to describe, and can best be ordered by diagram.

You can see outline drawings of these here

Crystals for making chains- Two hole and Multiple Hole crystals

Two holes:
Octagon 8116
Olive twist 8012
Swing Leaf 8052
Wavelett 0042
Matrix 0022

Three Holes: 8833, (special order Octagon)
Four Holes 8024



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