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We are asked many times, "What is Aurora Borealis" or "AB".

The answer is that Aurora Borealis (also called "AB") is a thin film interference coating applied to the surface of the crystal.

The AB finish is semi-transparent, allowing some light to go through the crystal.

Other semi-transparent coatings are "Golden Shadow" and "Silver Shade".

Other coatings that are fully opaque called "Specialty Coatings" include 'Burmuda Blue", "Peacock", "Sahara", "Sphinx", "Vitrail" among others.

These coatings do not let the light pass through the crystal, but the reflect all the light like a rhinestone..

To see the special effects video you will need a web browser capable of seeing a YouTube Video:

Click here for photos of Aurora coating on colored crystals

We hope this page helped you understand Swarovski crystal with Aurora Borealis, AB, Vitrail and other special coatings. Tell us if this explanation of interference colors on Swarovski cyrstals helped you. Email: info@cosmic.ca

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