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Cosmic Creations Corp.

wholesale crystal prismsCrystal Paper Weights

All crystal paperweight items are available in PEACOCK iridescent colors! (Clear is available upon request as a 10 piece minimum order)

Note: Crystal paperweight items with "Special!" beside them are special order items and require up to 60 days to be shipped, and/or a minimum number of pieces be ordered.

All instock paperweights on this page on sale
Limited quantites! All others, special order 10 pc min.

Swarovski geo ball
Photo: 100 mm
Special order $475 Malibu Blue on flat facet ball
Malibu Blue coating with ruler to gauge size of 70 mm ball equals approx. 2 3/4 inches
geo ball paperweight
Peacock Color with felt on bottom
Swarovski crystal ball 8558
Aurora coating

Flat Faceted Geo-Ball Swarovski
Crystal these geodescic cut crystal are made from Swarovski ball 8551 or 8558. The colors are made by a "thin film intereference coating" applied to the cut cystal.

Colors: Clear, Peacock, Gold, Malibu Blue (light blue), Bermuda Blue (dark blue), CAL (mirror bottom) and Aurora.- current stock: 1 pc 70 mm
on sale $100.

30mm US$ 25.00 12 pc min
30 mm US$16 ea for 48 pc

40mm US$ 36.00 10 pc min
40 mm $24 ea for 40 pc

50 mm US$50.00 10 pc min
60 mm US$ 65.00 5 pc min

70 mm $ 100 in Stock
100 mm by special order $ 475

Special order, must pre-pay
Could be up to 60 days, so plan ahead!

Swarovski cut geo ball crystal
Swarovski Peacock color

Flat facet ball paperweight
Aurora coating with felt on bottom
Flat facet ball

Gold coating with felt on bottom
close up of paperweight
Faceted by Swarovski -
geodesic flat bottom ball

<-- Bear & Cub in Ice Cave special order $32 / 5 pc min

Seal & Pups -->

65mm US$32.00
Iridescent Peacock colors

Special order 10 pc min
27mm -->

Lighthouse Building
<- 27mm
US$15.00 10 pc min


Large Castles

<-- Large Castle with Moat - in stock
55mm US$ 26.50

Large Castle 55 mm-->
US$ 26.50
in stock

22 mm $10.00 10 pc min

Wave 45mm
US$ 24.00
Special- 10 pc min

Special order-->

Grouse Mount 40mm
$23.50 / 10 pc min-->

Special- 10 pc min
Mountain 90mm
US$28.00 (left)

Tall Mountain 63mm
Special- 10 pc min

crystal mountain

<--Whistler Mountain
55 mm US$26.00
Special- 10 pc min

OLYMPIC- Foothills -->
34 mm.. US$ 14.00
10 pc min

70 mm US$37.00
special order 10pc min

See our line of Chakra Balls,
World Harmony Etched
and Wizard Balls!


Natural rock crystal spheres:
Fluorite & Calcite

Hawaiian Volcano - 10 pc min. each size
35mm $11.00
50 mm $16.00
67 mm $19.00
80 mm $29.00

shown: "frost", also available in "non frost"
(shiney all the way to the top)

Hawaii Volcano

<--Ribbed Pyramid
10 pc min each size
20 mm US$6.50

30 mm US$11.00
40 mm US$13.50
50 mm US$ 19.00

10 pc min each size
Spiral Pyramid
30mm US$ 11.00
40mm US$ 16.00
Special order:
50mm US$ 22.00

no photo
stepped pyramid, flat top


Maya Pyramid 50 mm with flat top: $ 24.00 10 pc min

Click here for more Feng Shui Hanging Prisms
and Paperweights

feng shui reflector

Smooth Pyramid -Iridescent Peacock colors - special order 10 pc min each size

40 mm $16/10 pc min

50 mm $22.00/ 5 pc min

80 mm size special order
$80.00/ 2 pc min

<-- Feng Shui Half Ball click for prices

Floating Pyramids- Iridescent Peacock colors

Special Order 10 pc min each size
30 mm US$16.00
40 mm $19.00
50 mm $24.00

<-- Fluted Conic
50 mm US$17.00
Special- 10 pc min each size

Tree or Teepee -->
30 mm US$1.00 10 pc min
50 mm US$14.50 10 pc min
70 mm US$22.00 5 pc min


Rounded Obelisk
10 pc min
each size:
55 x 33 mm $20
75 x33 mm $24
55 x 50 $28
75 x 50 mm $30
150 x 50 mm $45


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