Shaman Vision Quest Talismans

$5 each. $150 minimum order.

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Woman of the Eagle Woman of the Hawk Woman of the Owl
The Eagle symbolizes strength and stability and holds a ball of truth in his wings.
The Hawk,in many traditional cultures, is a spirit messenger, transmitting wishes and prayers.
The Owl has been associated with wisdom and knowledge throughout the ages.

Feel the Power! This jewelry interweaves images of human and beast with elements of mysticism and myth. The entities speak through clan pictograms and legend, silently, intertwining, like mists in a dream.

Ancient belief says that the creation of spirit art endows the maker with divine powers that are transmitted to the onlooker. Ownership of the art empowers the wearer to partake of the sacred imagery. Through life experiences and ancestral histories the person can realize full spiritual power.

The word talisman refers to a magical object which can give the bearer good fortune. In Jungian psychology, talisman is a word used to denote a pivotal or key symbol in a dream or myth which has considerable psychological meaning. Examples of such talismans are: King Arthur's sword, and Aaron's rod or flowering staff. The symbolic or mythical kinds of talismans also represent good fortune for the bearer.

These talismans are a "work in progress" as the back side is smooth with the texture of bone, suitable for carving your own images. Just as the ancients would inscribe memorable events or mark the seasons on bones, the owner of this art piece is able to scratch (scrimshaw) a personal vision upon the back.

These Talismans are reproductions made of imitation bone; no animal has suffered to make these talismans. Size is approx. two inches long (5 cm)

Beaded examples of the Talismans:

owl ivory carvingeagle talisman

ivory pendantbone teeth and pentdant

bone teeth talismanHawk Talisman

Talisman with Horne and Bone beads