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Each pair of earrings or pendant comes on a card telling about the animal in local lore.

The Thunder Bird

The Double Eagle

The Raven

The Legend: Many tales are told of Raven, who can be compared to Prometheus; both were credited with giving the power of fire to the people of the earth. The raven is said to have stolen the sun. The Raven is also known as a trickster that can change form to accomplish a task, in the same way that humans can have many sides to their personalities.

Other Cultures: The Raven is cross cultural. for a hundred thousand years the greatest of the Gods was the Raven or Crow. He was the dream carrier who brought civilization to the people in paleaolithic times. Mammoth ivory carvings dipict a goddess with the raptor traits of a bird - talons and a beaked face but with bare breasts. The archaic greeks called this God Cronos, the god of time. Another avatar was the Norse god Odin, and to the Celts as well as aboriginal North American nations this black bird carried the cosmic significance of the Great Benefactor, the Creator of the visible world. The Germanic and Siberian tribes similary worshiped the Raven as an oracular healer. In China the black feathered predator was the first of the imperial emblems, representing yang. Midieval alchemists called the Raven "The Shadow of the Sun" When as humans we've gone as far as our bodies and imagination can take us, we meet the Eternal ones. The powers that built our flesh out of the mineral accidents of star dust and that are now building our individual fates out of time and the accidents of our hearts. They are timeless and spaceless, and the Raven emerges out of this super realm with the appetite of the Eternal Ones for the mortal incarnations of this world.


The Jay

The Peace Dove

The Legend: An interesting story from the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C, north of Victoria. When I first heard the story, I thought it could not be a very old legend because I was under the impression that white settlers had transported the "dove" to the Americas. However, upon consulting an ornithologist, I found that there is indeed an indigenous pigeon in this area, called the Band Tailed Dove. The legend: " ... long time ago there were two feuding bands. A warrior was killed, and his wife was afraid that her son would be the next to die. So she went up to a cliff overlooking the water and prayed for peace so hard and long that she turned into a tree. This tree is the Madrona or Arbutus tree, and to this day the Band Tailed Dove eats its orange berries to spread the seeds of peace.

The Bear

The Orca (Killer Whale)

Pacific Coast Salmon

Spawning Salmon

Butterflies (first one is the K'San)


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