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Specialty Swarovoski Hanging Crystal Prisms
Suncatchers and Rainbow Crystals - Crystal Chains
NEW - two holed Swing Leaf #8051
New beads: Ice Cube #8546 and 8547

-->More sun catchers and multi-piece hangings

Ice Cube Swarovski Bead
Use 20 pc of Ice Cube bead
per foot of crystal chain
This one does not need connectors
it is strung like a bead.
Suncatchers can be assembled by you in many assorted styles: this one is made with Ice Cube beads
#8546/12 mm and 8547/28 mm and Triangle Icicle 8661/50mm
beadIce Cube Swarovski
triangle crystal
Wavelette by Swarovsik
Use 10 pc of 0042/25mm per foot
for wavelette crystal chain
small connectors in sivertone or gold
Swarovski Wavelette
click on diagram to show prices
swirl ball
Suncatcher made from 25 mm Two Hole Wavelette #0042/25 and Swirl Ball 8550/S30mm
two hole crystal leaf
Use 10 pc of 8052/30 per foot
for crystal swing leaf chain
with small connetors

Hanging made with Two Hole Swing Leaf #8052/30 mm and French Teardrop 803150mm

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Multi-peice chains


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Triangle or Diamond crystal
Small Stars - Moons

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